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The NOVOTENT Awning&Metal Works was founded in 1995, and currently takes a hard line, having established itself as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of quick-erect mobile frame and awning structures and hangars used in industry, agriculture, sports construction and for organizing trading floors.

The frame and awning structures allow you to realize your desires in the shortest possible time and with minimal costs. We strive to provide product quality that exceeds market opportunities.

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Construction of quick-erect hangars

Permanent structures are reliable and durable. However, with the current rhythm of life, a good leader must not only be able to modernize his farm in time, but also have the technical capabilities for this purpose. The construction of quick-erect hangars allows you to quickly expand, relocate or change production and get ahead of competitors ...


The main site WorldSkillsKazan2019 of Kazan Expo is fully ready for the Championship

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Shelters for stands - Republic of Tatarstan, Aznakaevo

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Fattening calf shed - Republic of Mari-El

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New type cowshed hangar

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Football arena 40x22 m

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