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Equestrian arena

equestrian arena
Location Krasnodar Territory
Year of built 2013
Hangar type Type D
Dimensions 22х76х3.5
Awning covering Heytex (Germany)
Snow load, kN Snow region 2
Wind load, m/s Wind region 4

The equestrian center is a awning structure with a reliable frame, equipped with swing gate. The service life of such a structure is up to 25 years. The awning fabric is non-flammable and chemically inert. Along with the durability of the awning, these qualities ensure the safety of the equestrian center for people. The materials for the construction of the center were arched metal structures with reinforced stiffeners and anti-corrosion coating and high-strength PVC awning fabric.

Equestrian sport is one of the most expensive sports. This circumstance prompts especially carefully to reveal the subtleties of the maintenance of these animals: horses have a highly developed nervous system, they easily develop conditioned reflexes that persist throughout their life. Horses' vision is color, similar to that of humans, and almost circular (view - 300°). However, they are usually short-sighted and have poor vision in the dark. It is very important to create comfortable living conditions for them. The light transmission of the structure's awning provides sufficient light for the horses to feel safe, be healthy and joy their owners with excellent results. In addition, the awning structure reliably protects the space of the complex from atmospheric precipitation and has sound-absorbing properties. This is important, given the fact that, unlike sight, horses' sense of smell and hearing are very sharp - they are able to distinguish sounds and smells that are inaccessible to human perception.

The design is distinguished by its mobility and easy erection, which allows, if necessary, to disassemble or move the finished equestrian center. Since equestrian sport involves ample space, the arched design allows for a large interior area and configuration.


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