Location Samara region
Year of built 2016
Hangar type Hangar type "AK"
Width 18 m
Length 40m
Wall height 3m
Ridge height 8.5 m

The Novotent company has built an AK-type cowshed in the Samara region. Cowshed dimensions are 40x18 m, wall height is 3m. For the roof of the cowshed, a high-density fireproof awning covering is used. For wall cladding, a dark green profiled metal sheet was used. Each Novotent structure is designed taking into account the snow and wind loads of the installation region. Snow and wind loads in the Samara region correspond to groups 4 and 3 (snow/wind). This hangar has two swing gates 4x4 m with a wicket, 1 gate from each end. There is a ventilation ridge along the entire length of the roof, as well as polycarbonate windows with manual lifting mechanism on both sides along the entire length of the hangar. The metal frame of the cowshed was shot blasted and covered with zinc paint, which will allow the structure to be operated in an aggressive environment, preventing the formation of corrosion. This is especially important in conditions with constant high humidity.

Today, frame and awning structures are actively used in all areas of activity. If earlier they were used only as industrial facilities, for example, warehouses, today projects for sports and agriculture are being successfully implemented. Over 20 years of operation, Novotent has implemented more than 300 agricultural projects. The main advantages of Novotent LLC are they ability to build on a turnkey basis, the implementation of individual projects of any complexity, as well as the use of new in-house developments in the construction of quick-erect frame and awning structures.

Hangars of the AK type, which are actively in demand among our customers, were developed by the Novotent design department specifically for their use as cowsheds. The AK type design has all the conditions for the comfortable keeping of animals. Experienced breeders know that cows need a constant supply of fresh, clean air. A properly designed ventilation system ensures the necessary circulation of fresh air in the room, removing high humidity in winter and heat in summer. During the entire operation of the cowsheds by our customers, the best results were achieved by the ventilation ridge mounted on the roof of the building. The ventilation ridge is equipped with polycarbonate flaps that allow you to regulate the flow of fresh air in the cold season.

The use of two colors of awning fabric in agricultural facilities is also not accidental. Thanks to the white awning fabric in hangars where animals are kept, there is a lot of daylight, which results in significant energy savings, and thanks to the darker green color, animals can be in the shade in a heat wave. By the way, the awning does not heat up even at a temperature of +30°C. According to the above properties, agricultural hangars developed by Novotent allow you to achieve the most natural comfort for animals and therefore are in greatest demand among other types of structures.


Изображение 1 Cowshed
Изображение 2 Cowshed
Изображение 3 Cowshed
Изображение 4 Cowshed
Изображение 5 Cowshed

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