Garden center

garden center
Location Moscow Region
Year of built 2012
Hangar type Type D
Dimensions 40х66
Awning covering Ferrari (France)
Snow load, kN Snow region 3
Wind load, m/s Wind region 1

In the spring of 2013, our company manufactured and installed a summer frame and awning canopy for the Garden Center. The structure is mounted close to the main building and serves not only as a multifunctional annex, but also complements the architectural appearance and is an intricate feature of the main structure. The awning canopy is easy to assemble and install, which allows you to dismantle the structure with the onset of cold weather. The length of the construction is 54 meters, width is 13 meters.

In April 2012, the Garden Center construction was commissioned with a useful area of 2,640 m2.

During the production of these works, our enterprise developed a project that meets the general requirements of aesthetics, ease of use, reliability and safety requirements.

In this structure, the customer plans to place a "Trade Center" with a trading floor area of 2,300 m2, administrative premises with an area of 120 m2 and a warehouse with an area of 240 m2.

In the process of manufacturing the structure of the "Garden Center", our company used modern materials that meet Russian quality and safety standards.

This structure consists of 2 parts:

- frame and awning structure with a gable roof and two canopies
- frame and awning canopies in the amount of 2 pieces.

All parts are part of a single complex and create a single structure for the "Garden Center".

The covering of the structure is a two-layer awning shell made of “Ferrari” awning fabric (France) with a double-sided PVC coating, incl. series 902 weighing 950 g/m2 for the manufacture of a load-bearing outer awning membrane and a series 602 light-transmitting, weighing 650 g/m2, for the manufacture of a heat-insulating inner awning membrane. Thus, this coating is resistant to external influences of destructive factors (UV rays, temperature changes, precipitation, etc.). The service life of this coating is not less than 15 years. According to the regulations on fire safety requirements, the flammability group is G1 (GOST 30244-94), B1 (DIN 4102).

The awning canvases were welded on a special machine for high-frequency molecular welding - HFC, which guarantees the tightness of the welded joints during the entire service life of the structure.

The mechanism for fastening the awning to the frame was carried out by a unique system of fastening the awning to the metal frame; fixing the canvas under tension is carried out with a special aluminum profile and a keder.

To insulate the structure, an awning fabric was used, which is stretched with a second layer on the inner side of the frames from the inside of the structure, thus creating an air gap with a thickness of 1,300 mm, which helps to retain heat inside the room.

Painting of metal structures was carried out with a primer and decorative coating of the Finnish brand "TEKNOS", thus our company can also guarantee the anti-corrosion resistance of the metal frame during the entire service life of the structure.

On the slopes of the roof and the front end of the structure of the "Garden Center" there is a corporate logo of the company "Russian Garden is the best of the possible"

Thus, our production capabilities and professional labor potential are able to fulfill all our obligations, and NOVOTENT constructions are not only typical structures of warehouses and shelters, but also modern multifunctional recreational facilities that meet all the trends of aesthetics and design of the city of the XXI century.


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