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Granaries and grain warehouses

Granaries and grain warehouses



Garage hangers for machinery

Garage hangers for machinery

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Hangars for agriculture and animal husbandry, warehouses of agricultural products

The Awning&Metal Works manufactures and assembles quick-erect, prefabricated hangars for animal husbandry, awning frame structures for agriculture under the AGROTENT trademark, and also carries out the reconstruction of old pig complexes.

Agricultural buildings for keeping animals

An awning frame hangar for animal husbandry is an unheated structure consisting of a steel frame assembled on a foundation (strip or pile type) and sheathing made of special fabric. The combination of the metal frame with zinc makes it possible to operate the structure in a moderately aggressive environment. There are no restrictions on the operation of the frame and awning structures in terms of ambient temperature.

Fattening pigsties for keeping on deep non-replaceable bedding

The frame and awning prefabricated hangar is an unheated structure designed for keeping pigs, on a deep non-replaceable straw bedding with a depth of 0.5 m

The pigsty hangar consists of a metal structure and an awning material stretched over it, which gives the strength of a monolithic structure to the building. The ends of the building are equipped with two redundant gates: the main sliding gate and the enclosing swing gate.

Ventilation of the building is carried out through end windows and lifting side curtains (for the summer period). The minimum size of the pigsty is 12*33.6 m, designed for keeping 250 animals.

Calf houses, cowsheds for loose keeping of cattle

A frame and awning hangar is an unheated structure intended for keeping cattle. The quick-erect awning hangars (calf sheds, cowsheds) include a metal structure and an awning covering.

Frame structure, type A, B or D. Prefabricated metal structure: load-bearing members of the structure - steel with anti-corrosion coating, and bolted connections.

The cover is made of special awning material. Reinforced awning material has a number of advantages: it does not support combustion, is frost-resistant down to -50 °C, waterproof, not subject to corrosion, etc. Also, this material transmits ultraviolet rays, which contributes to the creation of a favorable climate for animals. The light transmittance of the material allows for up to 80% sun's rays to penetrate into the room.

The dimensions of the span structures are determined by the customer, since depend on the size of the stables, manure and feed passages, drinking systems, etc.

For loose keeping of calves during fattening, it is advisable to use a deep non-replaceable bedding (straw bedding with a depth of 0.5 m.) It is advisable to keep dairy cows in stalls. The ends of the building are equipped with swing gate for the entry of vehicles supplying feed to the feed table. In addition, manure removal passages have been designed. The dimensions of the gate are calculated individually, in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

Warehouses for storage of agricultural products

The frame and awning structures of type A and B can be used as warehouses for storing hay, fertilizers, grain and other agricultural products.

Prefabricated hangars for maintenance and storage of machinery

The hangar is intended for use as a shelter, maintenance and storage of agricultural machinery.

The hangar is a prefabricated structure consisting of a steel frame and an awning shell made of special awning fabric. The arched roof has a special saddle shape to reduce wind and snow loads.

Multi-purpose beam hangar

A multi-purpose beam hangar is a structure consisting of a supporting steel frame and sheathing made of special fabric. The connection of the frame elements is bolted, the awning- to-frame connection is made by the stretching method. Beam hangar can be used

A distinctive feature of a multi-purpose beam hangar (type AB) from other types is a smaller number of installation units and a lower weight of the frame as a whole. This reduces the production and installation time.

It is practically impossible to conduct modern agriculture without premises with a large area. It is necessary to store products, feed, fertilizers, fuels and lubricants for machinery. And if you decide to buy a farm, then get ready for additional investments in construction. The construction of permanent buildings will take a lot of time and money. It is much more profitable to supply hangar-type premises.

Why hangars are beneficial?

Despite their seeming simplicity and even primitiveness, hangars have many undeniable advantages:

  • Economical construction. You will save not only at the expense of materials, but also due to the minimum waste of time for installation, as well as due to less use of human resources;
  • The design does not require a permanent foundation, so the installation of a hangar room is possible on almost any soil and in any place where you managed to buy a farm;
  • Warehouses for crops or fuels and lubricants can be quickly assembled in the immediate vicinity of the work, and after their completion, the buildings can be dismantled and transported to another place;
  • Environmental friendliness. During the construction of frame and awning hangars for the needs of agriculture, there is minimal interference in the environment (no need to dig pits, trenches for the foundation, pollute nature with the remains of concrete and building materials);
  • If necessary, you can quickly implement any utilities, install alarm systems, fire extinguishing systems, and so on.

Thanks to these obvious benefits and conveniences, frame and awning farms have become widespread in all major regions of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Chelyabinsk, Voronezh, Krasnodar, Magadan, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Our company is ready to help not only buy a farm of this type, but also provide related services.

What do we offer

Thanks to the full production cycle, we not only deliver and install hangar structures, but also manufacture all their elements. This significantly reduces the final cost and saves the client money. If necessary, our specialists will deliver the disassembled structure to the customer's site and carry out installation.

Our company has been working in the market of frame structures for over twenty five years. During this time, such a serious experience has been accumulated that such organizations as the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Sports have become our clients.

To become our client, you need to leave an application in the online chat or use the contacts on a special page of the site.

Completed projects


Ангар-коровник нового типа
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Additional Services



Lighting, ventilation, power supply, fire extinguishing system

Advertising application

Advertising application

Application of advertising and illustrations on the awning: screen printing, full-color printing, combined type of advertising.

Smart hangar

Smart hangar

Smart hangar is a system that includes sensors, control elements and actuators.

Mesh facade

Mesh facade

The textile façade is a mesh fabric with a polyester backing coated with PVC.


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